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Lara Rust

Kirsten Cloete

Kirsten Cloete


I’m passionate about working with students and helping them reach their full potential. I’m a qualified Registered Counsellor in Private Practice.  I offer subject tutoring or exam preparation to primary school students in need of a little extra help. I am also able to assist students of any age with time management and study skills.  When I’m not working with the community, you will most likely find me climbing a mountain somewhere.

Kirsten Cloete

Kirsten Cloete

Kirsten Cloete


 I have always had a passion for working with children. I currently au pair part time; my duties include: Homework assistance, transportation, shopping, cooking and being a mentor. I am currently in my 4th year of Foundation Phase studies through UNISA. I have gained teaching experience through doing my teaching practical at many schools. I have my own transportation with a valid driver’s licence. I have also completed my First Aid training. Some of my strengths include patience, dedication, discipline, creativity, enthusiasm and trustworthiness. Special needs learning is something I hold close to my heart and plan on studying further to become an Occupational Therapist in the near future. 

Calvin Davis

Kirsten Cloete

Calvin Davis


I have had the pleasure of teaching at the School of Rock in Cape Town and was acting Assistant Music Director during my time there. 

Teaching is a true passion of mine, in which I put a lot of my time, energy and hard work into. 

My motivation and professional goal is to share not only what I love , but what I know and what I have learnt. 

Music is a gift worth giving

The first platform that got me into teaching was at Legacy School Of Music, where I achieved my Grade 8 in drumming and the necessary skills that have guided me through this journey. 

My work/tutoring will consist of the following

• Basic understanding of drums and maintaining a well-working drum set.

• Art of practicing and developing independent limb movements

• Grade work from grades (1 - 8) being Rock School or Trinity - students choice

• Reading and writing drum theory

• Art of tuning a drum set

• Control, discipline, and awareness training programs 

• Ear / Visual training from level 1 - 3 

• Learning to play different styles

• Beginner/ intermediate / Advanced drumming programs 

I teach all ages, as long as you can sit and reach all the drums/cymbals.

It's never too late to start!

Joey van Wyk

Neil van Rooyen

Calvin Davis


Children with learning difficulties or special needs are my forte.
Having fostered many abused children and rehabilitated street

children, as well as owning an aftercare for Special Needs children

and facilitating in class has given me a deep understanding of

how to deal with the core issue. There are NO problem children, 

only children with problems. Comfortable to tutor on any subject,

including Life Skills.

Neil van Rooyen

Neil van Rooyen

Neil van Rooyen


I have been in the IT industry for most of my career. I've done a bit of everything - Programming, Web design, Graphic Design, Photoshoots and Photo Manipulation, Audio and Video Editing, as well as all the general MS Office, Open Office, and Google Cloud, PC Installations and Repairs, etc. 

My IT knowledge extends beyond the above and can support in many other IT related areas too. 

I love to teach and is one of my passions. I like to focus on the core issues or stumbling blocks and work from there. The hardest thing to do is learn something without understanding the foundation. I always have a smile on my face and have an incredible amount of patience.

Jade Matthews

Neil van Rooyen

Neil van Rooyen


I have a passion for English and History, and achieved Distinctions in both during my High School Career. I also took part in an AP English Class. After matriculating, I began tutoring at a home School in Edgemead. I am able to tutor in English, History, Life Orientation and Mathematical Literacy tutoring up to Grade 12. I am also able to help in Life Science until Grade 10, and Music until Grade 8. I consider myself patient, thorough and methodical with my tutoring. It has been my goal to pass my knowledge on to younger generations, and I intend to study further in Education. I put extra effort into making sure my students understand the work they have been presented with.